Vice caché

Wild-cherry liqueur
20% alc./vol.

Without a doubt, one of Quebec’s best local products. This wild-cherry liqueur has a very smooth mouth feel. Its soft hint of almond brings to mind nature, the cold northern climate and hunting and fishing under the Northern Lights!

Tasting notes:

Exquisite digestif when served with a square of dark chocolate or few roasted almonds.

Also excellent for drizzling over or flambéing desserts and for enriching sauces.

Serving notes:

Serve chilled or at room temperature.


Silver Medal
International Eastern Wine Competition 2000 and 2001

Bronze Medal
Canadian Wine Awards 2003

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It all begins when the fruits are picked from the wild cherry trees growing in the well-kept groves at Domaine Félibre. Two varieties are used to make Vice Caché: Virginia and Pennsylvania cherries. The fruit is delicately pressed so as not to damage the pit. The wild-cherry liqueur is produced by allowing the cherries to ferment for a short period and then steeping them in alcohol for a little over two months. Because the pit stays in the alcohol for a short while, our liqueur has a delicious light almond taste.

Vice caché